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Join experienced Realist artists and promote Traditional techniques in painting today, with your own realistic representations of your chosen subjects. These include Landscape, Seascape, Architectural, Still life, Portraiture, People and Environment, or any other subject that fits into traditional conventional categories such as classical, representational, figurative, all with proven realist values.

Realist Art – A growing force in art today

AERA the Association Embracing Realist Art is a movement offering free membership to all realist artists who regard this artform to be of vital importance as a universal language for everyone to understand. While any other language needs a translation realist art does not. People from around the world are able to see immediately what the realist artist is trying to say.

If the ancient Egyptians had not left us their paintings and hieroglyphics we would not have known anything about their culture. Anyone arguing that we live in a digital age and everything can be stored for posterity in a digital format not requiring realistic images does not seem to realize how vulnerable digital storage media are. Over the past 20 years we have seen storage media come and go with the effect that vast amounts of material have already been lost because we no longer have the physical ability to access it.

So realistic works of art can be seen as a means of communication to outlast generations bridging the gap between different cultures, levels of education and languages with ease. Not only can art be pleasing to the eye it can also be used to accuse, to teach, or make both the creator and the consumer happy or sad.

If you want to know more about our mission click here.

Join now and contribute yourself, please contact us.

This brief outline of our thoughts is almost an endorsement of the keynote speech Fred Ross presented to the Oil Painters of America Society back in 2006.

There is also another European group following similar principles The International Society of Realist Painters

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