Barry McCann


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Barry McCann is an Australian Artist. His interest in art began during his college years and fully came to the fore after a watercolour course at the Canberra School of Arts. With an insatiable thirst for art knowledge, McCann delved deep into his artistic studies. After discovering a book about the artist John Singer Sargent he studied with many leading artists in their field to build up his skills before becoming a professional artist in 2000. Travels to Great Britain and Europe served as inspiration for experimenting with mediums aside from watercolour. As a result he now almost exclusively paints in acrylics.

McCann’s subject matter normally involves an animated object with dramatic lighting. He enjoys the constant challenge of attempting to portray the illusion of both movement and form alongside a narrative. His quest for conveying beauty in his work is paramount, as he seeks the place where traditional, representational art is fused with more modern looks.