Gavin Mundy

gavin mundyGavin Mundy is a visual creator and public artist. He was born in Southampton and now lives in Carshalton, Surrey.
He holds a degree in Graphic Design but largely taught himself how to draw and paint.
Gavin was a director of Brixton art gallery between 2000 and 2003 and has himself exhibited nationally, including at the Mall Galleries London, and had work shown in Europe and America.
The subjects he paints are varied and a result of curiosity in our perception of the world and a joyful wonder at the effects of light. He has always had eyesight difficulties which have made appreciating what he sees, even mundane things, more significant.

Many of his paintings now hang in private collections around the globe including a number of commissioned pieces from private buyers and corporate clients.

He received an Artist Of the Year award 2016 from the Society Of All Artists.