Angerer der Ältere

photo of Angerer der Ältere

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Angerer der Ältere (the Elder) was born in 1938 and as an architect, film set designer, painter, sculptor, stage designer, writer and winner of numerous architectural awards he is one of the most versatile artists of our century.

His creative concepts for the Warner Bros. Production „The Never Ending Story II“ earned him the Bavarian Film Award and his imaginative paintings are sold all over the world.

In 2004 when France celebrated Salvador Dali´s 100 th birthday “ Angerer designed the poster.

He has contributed cover designs for renowned magazines. He created a sculpture of a castle from an Audi gearbox and has been praised by Pope Benedikt XVI em. for the building of his privately erected “Chapel of Redemption” as a renewal of true sacral art.

Angerer the Elder has designed the stage setting and costumes for the stage version of Tolkien´s ´Hobbit` and he has created the memorial for Michael Ende´s grave, the creator of ´The Grey Gentlemen also known as Momo´.

He has exhibited widely in Paris, Brussels, Barcelona, Vienna and many other European countries.

It is his aim to bring back beauty, phantasy, mystery, and myth to art.