David McGee

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Before becoming an artist David McGee enlisted into the United States Marine Corps. He served with distinction in the military, and earned numerous commendations and medals, until he was wounded and honourably discharged on medical grounds.

As a student David taught himself to paint and won numerous art competitions. Even while serving, David continued with his art. After his military career he took to painting full time. David uses his artwork as a self imposed therapy program to help him deal with P.T.S.D., and his other health issues.

David, has become a very skilled artist in multiple mediums such as graphite, pastel, charcoal, acrylic and oil paints, ink and quill, as well as coloured pencil. He is versed in portraits, still life, pet portraits, landscapes and seascapes. David has continued to compete and win recognition through his craft.

David has been commissioned numerous times. He classifies himself as a “Realist Artist” as he takes details to heart. David believes that the purpose of art in life is not only to bring beauty and colour to life, but art also brings healing, emotions and educates viewers. So David uses subjects of days gone by to educate today’s society of things that once were.

David also likes to use moving and interesting subject matters. So his work adopts a modern contemporary style filled with the attention for detail.