Deborah Cassolis

Deborah vsmDéborah M.G. Cassolis has a love for nature and has enjoyed painting palm trees, monocots, and tropical plants for over a decade. She mainly works in oils on canvas or panel.

Fawn and fauna have always inspired her from her own backyard and travelling to tropical places like Africa, Australia, Hawaii, Mexico, San Diego, California, other places around the world.

Her art has been acquired and exhibited by patrons and galleries from Africa, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Seychelles and the United States.

In 2020 Deborah was honoured that her art was in a prestigious art exhibit at the “Vatican Hall” in Rome and at Palazzo Venezia (Venice Palace) Naples, Italy. She was a Competition Winner at Contemporary Art Gallery Online and has publications including American Art Collectors, Art & Beyond Publications, I.G.O.R’s Special Book Edition (2019), International Contemporary Artists, Sandscripts (2015), as well as an article about herself in The Trinity Times (2019).