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Graeme Stevenson, CEO of Colour In Your Life, was born in New South Wales, Australia. From a young age Graeme had a tremendous fascination with the world around him, and from this he began painting and studying animals.

After obtaining his pilots license, he began to explore the vast areas of Australia, photographing, sketching, and eventually painting the exotic animals of this land. His reputation as an artist began to grow and his one-man and two-man exhibitions were greatly successful. Graeme then began travelling to other parts of the world to study his subjects and to display his work. Africa, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Europe, U.K., U.S.A., Mexico, Canada, Alaska, the Middle East and Pacific Islands were some of the places to which he ventured, receiving offers from publishers who produced his works in limited edition.

In 1988 he was commissioned to produce all of the paintings for the book ‘The Atlas of Parrots‘, one of the largest editions of its size in the world. This book is displayed in the New York, Paris and London Natural History Museums.

Graeme has appeared on the front cover of a number of U.S Art magazines. In 2000 he was voted by ‘U.S Art’ as one of the 25 Most Influential Artists to watch for in the coming decades. He was written up in International Artist as a ‘Master Artist’ for his time. As well as animals, Graeme also paints fantasy, romantic scenes of mother and child, political and social commentary pieces. Graeme has had many one and two man shows in galleries throughout the world and his work has been sought after by many companies.

His work hangs in galleries and many private collections throughout the world, appearing in various publications. He has also lectured to many groups on art and wildlife. Graeme’s work has been bought by a number of celebrities and well-known people throughout the world.

In 2003, Graeme completed two shows in the U.S, both of them designed to help other people in our society. One was in New York, where the Vice President, Dick Chaney, and Senator Hillary Clinton phoned to congratulate the artists. The show was called the ‘Ripple Effect Project‘, and Graeme and two other artists worked for almost two years to produce a series of paintings that were sold to generate funds for various charities. Money was raised for AIDs research, MS research and children’s cancer research. The following year, further work was sold to help children in Australia. The Highlight of the show was the acquisition of three paintings by President Bill Clinton. Graeme has donated much of his work to assist wildlife and charities over the years.

In 2011, after the crippling effects of the global financial crisis, it became apparent that people of Australia were no longer going out to buy or enjoy art. Over 50% of galleries across the country were closing, and it occurred to Graeme, that it was time to take art to a digital platform. Realising that the techniques and knowledge of great artists are often lost once the artist has passed on, Graeme concluded that a television show that captures artists in their studios, creating their pieces, could be utilised as a digital library.

His TV production Colour In Your Life aired on paid television channels such as Brisbane 31 and Melbourne 31, gradually building a name for itself. In 2012, the show was nominated for two Logie awards, one being for ‘Best Host’, and the other ‘Best Light Entertainment Program’. In 2012, Colour In Your Life began to air nationally on the network TV 4Me, run by the company Brand New Media.

The series has since been picked up by free-to-air New Zealand, Sky TV, Foxtel Aurora 183, and Virgin Airways worldwide, and Graeme is in constant talks with agents in America, and other parties interested in the series across the world. Receiving frequent feedback from other countries such as America, Canada, Europe, Scotland, South America and the Philippines, Graeme perseveres knowing that his artistic message is reaching people around the globe.

Graeme´s Vision is to build a library of the minds of artists; to preserve a digital record of creative spirit, culture and techniques for future generations.