Hamish Blakely

Hamish Blakely and out of work angel

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Hamish Blakely was born in Canterbury in 1968 and developed an interest in art from an early age. He studied illustration at Wimbledon School of Art and completed his degree at Kingston University to become a professional illustrator. He worked for numerous renowned companies and the author of ‘Schindler’s List’, Thomas Keneally.

Together with his wife Gail they set up and curated their own shows in London. At this stage Blakely used acrylics for painting while his relationship with Gail marked the first transformative phase of his style. In the ‘Muse’ exhibition held at Halcyon Gallery at Harrods, Gail was the main protagonist in all 40 works.

Some years later, the transition to oils seemed inevitable and this too was to become another turning point in his distinctive style. Blakely believes that there is something mystical about creating the illusion of a convincing vision on a stretch of canvas. He ignores the idea of any hierarchy in art; the only important consideration is whether the work is meaningful or not.

Blakely believes a painting is more than an arrangement of polished rendering and that the life of it involves spontaneity and boldness. He wants his paintings to be more than just beautiful; they should be weathered by the accumulation of work, re-working and the most intense commitment.

His partnership with Gail is responsible for many of Hamish’s most notable paintings, providing new concepts during the many discussions they have.

This is attested further in his ‘Out of Work Angels’ collection displayed at Castle Fine Art in Mayfair. Inspired by the fact that more and more younger people turn away from the Church, Angels are becoming expendable. This collection sees them arriving on Earth. Having lost their jobs, a new journey awaits them just as a new journey always seems promised with each new development in Blakely’s work.

painting by Hamish Blakely

Underground Angel

painting by Hamish Blakely

out of work angels