Jill Poyerd

artist Jill Poyerd

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Jill Poyerd is a fine artist who trained with several well known artists graduating with a BA in Mass Communications from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. Jill says she paints because she believes God gave her the ability to paint. Jill believes He’s given each of us special talents and that it’s our job to discover those talents and then use them.

As for inspiration, nature is Jill´s artistic muse: the colors never conflict, the lighting is never “off,” and patterns are almost never predictable. Quoting Michelangelo Jill says, “Only God creates. The rest of us just copy.”

When painting landscapes in oils or watercolor, Jill likes to focus on a single element in a scene. Each tree to Jill is like a human being unique and with beautiful characteristics such as gnarled branches, massive trunks, or a unique overall shape. As an artist, Jill wants to highlight these features. It’s telling their story in a single moment.

Jill has exhibited widely and won numerous awards thoughtout her career. She is a signature member of several watercolor societies and has published books and videos on her chosen subjects.