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Olabamiji Yemi Tubi, commonly known as O Yemi Tubi was born in 1955 in the city of Ibadan, Nigeria, West Africa. He obtained a BFA degree from Valdosta State College, Valdosta, Georgia USA and he was later awarded an Art Scholarship by South Georgia State College in Douglas Georgia, USA.

As early as 1992 he had a solo exhibition at Millfield House, Edmonton, London England. O Yemi currently lives and workes as a Graphic Artist in the United Kingdom. He devotes his spare time to drawing and painting working with various mediums.

Many of his works are influenced by Renaissance artists and the current world political situation. His Painting – “Portrait of an Artist” was selected for an exhibition with Federation of Canadian Artists in their annual Painting on the Edge 2015. In January 2016 he was awarded First International Prize- Leonardo Da Vinci – The Universal Artist Award 2016 in Florence Italy. Over the years O Yemi has won many more awards and prizes. Most recently he has been invited to become a member of IAVA The International Association of Visual Artists of Florence, Italy.