Paul Coney

artist Paul Coney

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Paul Coney is a well known New Zealand Artist. Starting with pencil portraiture he soon became fascinated with painting, especially watercolour. Since these beginnings, Paul has developed into an artist who is considered to be world class and an exceptional painter of large scale oils. His subject matter covers the spectrum from floral, landscape, and figurative to very large brilliantly executed wave studies and seascapes.

Although often literally accurate to a particular place or situation, Coney’s consumate skill is in bringing together many seemingly disparate elements into compositions of unique and intimate beauty.

Paul has exhibited his work through the International Art Centre in Parnell for over thirty years, as well as exhibiting through many other galleries throughout New Zealand and overseas. He spends a lot of his time fulfilling the huge demand for work that he has been commissioned to do. His paintings are held in private collections throughout the world.

Paul also runs a very successful painting class in the local town centre near to where he lives in New Zealand.