Peter Kempf

Peter Kempf was born in 1945 in Halberstadt in the Harz mountains of Germany. He spent his youth in the Ruhr area of Germany and he now lives in Oberhausen.

His genre covers naturalistic and romantic paintings of landscapes and still lifes.
Since 1989 Peter has devoted his time to precision painting with sizes ranging from miniatures painted under a magnifying glass to large formats.

For several years Peter has taught landscape painting at an adult education centre in Oberhausen.
He is co-founder of the NAROMA Art Society.

Peter has had many solo and group exhibitions in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. His commissioned work can be found in many art collections around the world.
His landscape paintings are a vibrant intermezzo with nature and a metaphor for the interaction between artistic and natural forces.
Peter`s beautifully painted well composed landscapes are based on his observations of nature and the changing light conditions.
Romantic and yet realistic is the way in which Peter presents his studies of nature.
His creations impress the viewer through their perceptive and sensitive depiction of his subjects.
Peter Kempf is listed in the newly established digital encyclopedia of visual arts in Europe and registered under ISSN 2364 – 7566 with the German National Library in Frankfurt.

Peter has joined the Association Embracing Realist Art because he believes in their goals.