R. Geoffrey Blackburn

artist Geoffrey Blackburn

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From 1970-1973, prior to his “Red Rock Period” Geoffrey painted almost exclusively Old West figurative scenes. Being basically an environmentalist, his then father-in-law, thought he ought to get into something “more substantial” like prospecting and promoting, which he could hardly refuse. So during the last great uranium boom of the 1970’s, Geoffrey co-owned and operated a mineral exploration company, based in Salt Lake City, operating out of Moab, Utah. He prospected, staked claims, drilled, and promoted uranium properties all over the Colorado Plateau.

Working and living in canyon country, Geoffrey was captivated by the amazing red rock vistas around Moab. Many of those memories captured in photos and sketches translated into paintings. Given his aesthetic connection to this beautiful country, he was particularly concerned about the potential environmental impact of mineral exploration and mining on the land. Therefore, he took great pains to leave any area his team explored just as they found it.

Geoffrey studied art both privately and at the University of Utah, yet he considers himself essentially self-taught. He has spent time in Europe studying the work of the Renaissance Masters. In late 1987 he “fathered” an exciting new art form he calls “Multi-Dimensionalism.” This user-interactive, total-experience art form is so unique that he was granted a patent for it by the U. S. Patent Office. His personal website will tell you more.