Rainer Schoch

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Rainer Schoch was born in Oehningen on the German side of the Swiss border. For many years he has been living and working in Kaltenbach, Switzerland.

Drawing and painting have been his passion form an early age exhibiting since 1974. He underwent formal training in 1975 creating expressionist and often photo realist works in oils on canvas.

Later Rainer became a freelance artist running a company dealing in interior design. From 1978 to 1982 he spent time in Saudi Arabia decorating the villa of the former King Faisal with copies of the works by Renaissance artists.

Following this experience he embarked on a series of renaissance paintings which he reinvented by adding contemporary symbolic criticism.

Rainer has exhibited widely and has received many awards. His works have found permanent homes with collectors world-wide and have also been purchased by museums more recently.