Richard Harpum

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Richard Harpum was born in Bromley, England, in 1951 and has had a passion for drawing and painting from a very young age. He has a Master of Arts degree from Cambridge University.

Richard is an award-winning artist, who paints mainly with acrylics on canvas or board but also paints watercolour florals. He is a strong advocate of the realist style and pays meticulous attention to detail.

Richard’s primary areas of focus are landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes but he also paints still lifes, portraits and florals.

During his life Richard has lived in many parts of England and currently lives in South Yorkshire . He has also travelled extensively for both pleasure and business and has lived abroad in Africa , the USA , Australia and Germany for a total of 20 years. This has given him a very broad perspective of the world, as well as providing him with wonderful sources of inspiration for his paintings.