Robyn Collier

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Robyn is a well known and prominent Australian wilderness landscape and seascape painter of contemporary realism. As a self-taught artist she has learned from the observation of nature and constant hard work. Having spent many years painting en plein-air she then graduated to studio work still retaining the Alla-Prima technique on subjects requiring more time and reference.

Robyn has bush walked extensively over her 40 year career as a visual artist and still loves travelling to remote areas where it is often impossible to carry heavy painting gear. The interplay of light and shadow or the unravelling of a complex pattern on water, the fleeting moment of a cliff turning purple in the late light, are all the type of moments difficult to capture convincingly without a camera at the ready. But it is the human element of re-composing the subject and the interpretation of the image in a new way that elevates a painting over a photograph.

For the past eleven years Robyn has been tutoring workshops in Australia and New Zealand. Although painting will always be her first love, she feels enriched by being able to impart knowledge to others who are also enjoying the journey of art.

While photographs and digital prints adorn many modern-day walls, nothing, she feels, can take the place of an artist´s skill and interpretation in paint. It is this element that makes original art so special and can change the way we feel.