Russell Edwards

painting by Russell Edwards

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Russell Edwards was born in Llangollen, North Wales and has never strayed too far beyond his birthplace since that day. After leaving school, Russell enrolled at Wrexham art college for a pre diploma course in art and design. However, much to his surprise he soon found himself being manoeuvred towards the ‘fine art sculpture’ department which later made him think it was more a question of evening up the numbers between departments than anything else.

On completion of the course and feeling rather disillusioned with sculpture Russell refrained from applying to Art school and applied to a Teacher training college instead and became a qualified teacher of English and Art. It was only after retraining as a primary school teacher that Russell finally managed to secure a teaching post. In the interim period he got married, had three children and a variety of jobs in various professions one of them being a guitarist in a rock band.

Russell always managed to draw and paint with time spent on his talent improving during his teaching career. He was able to complete a number of commissioned portraits which turned out to be his true passion. Russell strives to be as realistic as possible and emulate artists such as Vermeer, Rembrandt and Sergeant to name but three.

Russell held his first one man exhibition at Llangollen museum two years ago with another one coming up in December. He has had a painting selected for exhibition at Patching’s Art festival for the last two years which is something he is quite proud of.