Tai-Meng Lim

painting by Tai-Meng Lim

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Tai-Meng Lim started painting at an early age. His passion for the arts made him teach himself and experiment with various methods and mediums. Eventually in 1993 he was honoured with scholarship programs for his participation in the National Art Scholarship Competition.

He graduated from the Malaysian Institute of Art in Graphic Design in 1997 and began working professionally in the advertising industry. Being a dedicated individual and somewhat of a perfectionist, he later rekindled that inner joy for painting he had discovered as a child, and Tai-Meng started pursuing opportunities to create as a freelance artist.

Tai-Meng tends to tell a story via his paintings. His painting style always embodies transformation and change, which is closely connected to his process of self-discovery. He tirelessly plays with various methods and techniques to produce and bring to reality the concepts and ideas in pursuit of a deeper understanding of himself and his environment. This truly provides him with endless inspirations, ideas and quests that he explores on this journey as an artist.

Tai-Meng has won a number of awards and prizes and attends international exhibitions on a regular basis. He is a member of several renowned art societies.