Art for the 21st Century.

I have for a long period of time been dismayed by a week-kneed, worried and wayless attitude towards those false claims of modern art that is continuously purchased without proper control, or consideration, but frequently with public money. Decorative lamp posts, waste paper bins and seat benches are not Art, and when presented as such they horribly reflect the ‘Anything is Okay’ attitude of modernism without standards, which has been a part of constant bombastic conditioning for everybody for a long time. So as an academic, it is hard and harsh to speak to years of deliberate conditioning, where rationality is ignored in favour of false notions that taste and opinions are the same as knowledge, skill, ability and practical experience. Even the dictates of common sense say otherwise – but such is the blinding power of our pro modern media, who have frequently employed modern styled artists to write their articles for them, that this task seems disproportionately greater for anybody who wishes to see ‘Standards’ returned again with the idea of ‘Beauty as a recognised and essential part of our human experience in society.

Thus it is our aim here to change the face of Art away from this modern art of yesterday, to reject its failed modernism, and offer instead a new, better set of traditional standards, qualities and values in the 21st century. For these current difficulties with Art today are not to do with any profound intellectual views, its, or isms; or any claimed ridiculous liberating fashions of the 20th century, but a deliberate modern style abandonment of proven practical artistic standards, which came directly from the Great Tradition of Art and which had existed unbroken for over 600 years.

In the past all great artists were able to train under proper apprenticeship schemes, to achieve that high standard within their own time frame in history. So with hard work, skill, practical experience, and ability, they honestly worked and endeavoured to become another step in our past Great Tradition. Now unhappily the effects of this absence are self evident. They are felt in that failure of modern art, which ruthlessly rejected any idea of traditional standards, and are felt by every citizen today by their absence, although the cause may not be clear. For unfortunately most high standard contemporary traditional art is seldom exhibited by galleries, nor reported, filmed, written about, or actually seen. Yet demand for this was still clear in the numbers who queued for hours in the cold to see that Leonardo exhibition at the National Gallery in London in recent times. So as a professional classical traditional painter, author, and classical art critic living in the 21st century, I am naturally concerned about this corruption of modern art in our society, the practical effects of ‘Anything Goes’ attitude of modernism without standards on other areas of life, and how this is never openly discussed. Instead every effort is made to conceal this truth from the public for the vested financial interests of a few.

While that public conditioning and programming is usually preceded by suggesting that Art (modern) is only about personal taste, or private opinions, that it needs no knowledge, skill, ability and practical experience. Unfortunately this nonsense was supported under a heading of ‘ Subjectivity,’ by years of false conditioning in this regard. Thus as sincere practicing traditional artists, or lovers of classical art today, we must ourselves look to reform this mess of modern arts making; challenge and defy those conventions of modern art and years of ill conditioning, encourage people to actually look and think again for themselves about the need for new Great Art; about the importance of having Great Art once more in our lives, remembering again its values and its true nature.

Join us now and help bring that change for all.

Charles Harris MA, BA