Join AERA today
Members of the Association Embracing Realist Art are expected to create and promote realist art. They devote their work, their teachings, and their marketing efforts to the cause of fostering this art form. Members will be promoting the best traditional realist standards of painting skills and ability with visual art work we can all be proud to see.

Artists who are prepared to spend some of their time and efforts on promoting this movement will be granted free membership and a page on this website to represent them and their work. They will also receive a certificate of membership.

Membership will be by invitation or application with a committee deciding on who is eligible.

Members are invited to contribute in the following fashion:

  • Create visual realist art
  • Help raise the standards in art today
  • Contact your local press and media as well as art material suppliers to promote our cause.
  • Hold presentations and teaching programmes to spread the word and show off realist art skills.
  • Organise exhibitions either your own or jointly with other members
  • Find school teachers and professors willing to spread the word by allowing you or other members to give free demonstrations.
  • Produce training videos demonstrating realist painting processes
  • Promote the movement via social media and the press
  • write about your activities on this blog
  • Send in ideas to further improve our marketing efforts.

You may be eligible even if you are not able to participate in all of the above.
Applicants would be required to present a personal website and a CV.

Application Form

Further Details

This service is free of charge and as you will see it is primarily concerned with promoting traditional art work today.

As responsible artists we are naturally disappointed by the constant distractions and media attention displayed towards apparent modern inclinations. Accordingly we feel the time to encourage a greater standard in art and ideas, the promotion of a better alternative, and to present the public with choice has been long awaited.

So if you would like to support this new initiative, Charles and Pat would be delighted to hear from you. We would certainly like to know what you feel strongly about regarding the lost art of traditional painting, words or works that generate passion for you, etc. For we want to encourage and display that kind of commitment. In return we wish to see members promoting those principles for traditional art which you can see clearly in our list and in the pages on our group website.

So please look at this unusual and comprehensive list above, which we are certain you will not see elsewhere. This describes an alternative range of new activities for today’s modern art world we believe most would wish to see occurring. The aim is to positively encourage future traditional art that is always ignored; which as members we trust you will be enthusiastic to support with your own ideas, efforts and endeavours.

Naturally these things will take time and you may not be able to enter into all those activities immediately. However, we believe the time is now, and we can begin and succeed. Thus to join us and put your art work on display, please send a link with the word ‘Yes’ to a maximum of 12 of your favourite paintings which you want us to feature. Or if you wish to participate with writing or prose, again send a link please. All ideas are welcome, while as there are only few of us today, please also be extra patient in communication at present.

We look forward to hearing from you,

With best wishes,
Charles and Pat