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1. Membership
1.1. Membership is free so neither the applicant nor the site operators enter into a legally binding contract.

1.2. In becoming a member you merely have the right to be represented on this website with examples of your work and a short CV plus a link to your personal website.

1.3. Copyright under new International law for all works you present remains yours as the creator/ legal owner. Unlike other social networks who may wrongly claim otherwise, we are strict in this respect. However, full responsibility for properly presenting this artwork, poetry or prose, as your own, for us to display is yours. We do not accept any responsibility for misleading claims of ownership, misrepresentation, altering of an image/form, etc, which was presented to us for display from you. Any such occurrence would lead to immediate expulsion, revoking of membership and all rights, etc.

1.4. This site does not enter into any legal contracts or negotiations’ for sales, commissions, lease, loan, etc, in any form. Such responsibilities are entirely yours.

2. Membership Entitlements
2.1 This service is entirely free so the site operators are under no obligation to accept your application.

2.2 AERA reserve the right to remove any content of this website at any time without further notice. In particular AERA may remove any member details should we find that a member´s activities no longer satisfy the criteria for membership.

2.3 The site operator enters into no obligation whatsoever to maintain this site for all times. The site service or parts thereof may be terminated at any time.

3. Legal Rights of Repeal
3.1 You may revoke your membership by email or phone without giving reasons at any time.

Please direct your revocation to:
addressOr contact us via our contact page.

3.2 Revocation Results
In case you make use of your revocation rights your details will be removed from this website asap.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us

4. Copyrights and Trademarks
The contents of this website including texts, graphics, photos, pictures, animations, sounds, illustrations, and software are our property or that of associated companies, licence holders, and/or content providers. The contents is copyright protected and covered by other legal titles. Any use of any such item is only permitted after obtaining our express consent.
Any trademarks used on this website are our own unless stated otherwise.
These may not be used without prior written consent from us.

5. Applicable Law
The non binding agreement with you is subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, under exclusion of CISG.

6. Exclusion from Liability concerning Internet Links
We may refer to links to other websites. We expressly declare that we do not have any influence on the presentation and contents of these sites. We must therefore distance ourselves form their contents. This declaration applies to all the links, the contents of their pages, and other pages linked to them.

7. Privacy Policy
We only use the information we collect about you lawfully. Your details will be treated confidentially. The information will not be passed on to third parties unless this is required to process your membership page.

8. About Us / Site Operator
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